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Our cars

The team's journey began in 2008 when a handful of enthusiastic students joined forces with a common goal to design, build, and race a formula-style combustion vehicle.

With limited resources but unwavering determination, the team embarked on an arduous path of research, development, and manufacturing. we meticulously crafted every aspect of their race car, from the aerodynamic body to the high performance engine, pushing the boundaries of engineering and innovation.

Year after year, at Formula Manipal, we refined our skills and overcame challenges, gradually making a name for ourselves in the world of motorsports. Our dedication paid off as we competed in prestigious national and international competitions, representing Manipal Institute of Technology and India with pride.

The combustion vehicle designed by Formula Manipal showcased cutting-edge technology, incorporating advanced engineering concepts and state of the art components. The team utilized their expertise in areas such as chassis design, suspension systems and data analysis to maximize the vehicle's performance on the track.

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