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Our cars

The history of Formula Manipal Electric is a testament to the vision, adaptability, and commitment of a group of engineering students at Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT). Our journey began with a realization that the future of motorsports lay in sustainable and eco-friendly technology. In response, we set out to design, build, and race an electric vehicle.a

In the early stages, Formula Manipal Electric faced unique challenges as we transitioned from combustion engines to electric powertrains. With limited precedents and resources, the team embarked on a path of extensive research, experimentation, and innovation. We sought to optimize the performance, efficiency, and reliability of our electric car, pushing the boundaries of engineering knowledge.

Year after year, at Formula Manipal Electric implement our skills and expertise, learning from setbacks and embracing emerging technologies. The team works tirelessly on every aspect of the electric vehicle, from the battery management system to the electric powertrain, aiming to create a high-performance machine that will compete at national and international levels.

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