This subsystem is in charge of the design, fabrication, and manufacturing of chassis. They need to make a perfect balance between weight and stiffness, and also consider ergonomics while designing the chassis. They are also responsible for the driver's safety. They manufacture a few components with Carbon Fibre with Vacuum bagging being the primary method to reduce the overall weight of the car.


Vismay Nayak (Subsystem Head)

Aditya Reddy

Abhinandan Chaya Raj 

Arjun Santhosh

Pranav Sudheer

Ritesh Nayak



This subsystem is in charge of wings, bodywork, diffuser, and general airflow around the car. They have a significant focus on developing their CFD simulation to create an effective aerodynamic package and to validate their design. They not only design but also manufacture the components that are as light as possible. Apart from this, their primary responsibilities are also to cool the engine and the battery pack.

Nithin Datla (Subsystem Head)

Sameer Hate

Nainesh Patel 

Kaushik Naidu

Prthik Karthikeyan  

Samar Jakhar

Shashank Kondapi

Sohon Kurian

Sudipt Dash


This subsystem designs the suspension geometry along with the steering geometry, and the wheel assembly of the car. The brakes system of the car is also dealt with by this team. They also manufacture and assemble the designed components on the car. The goals of the vehicle dynamics team are to maximize the efficiency, control, and ride of the vehicle. Further, the design of components has to be done keeping in mind the manufacturability. They also make sure that the component manufactured has a high strength to weight ratio.


Prathyush Pandey (Subsystem Head - Electric) 

Yashaarth Kaushik (Subsystem Head - Combustion)

Uddhav Pratap (Manufacturing Head)

Aamann Patel

Allen Thambi

Arya Bobade

Meehan Karmarkar

Ongole Bharadwaj

Vidit Agrawal


This subsystem focuses on tuning of the engine, along with designing and manufacturing highly tuned Intake and Exhaust Manifolds, and a Fuel Supply System to extract maximum performance from the engine under the restricted air supply as proposed by the rules. This subsystem also focuses on designing the Lubrication and Cooling Systems to ensure optimal running of the engine

Kuna Abhinav (Subsystem Head)


Aditya Jain 

Anurag Wadke

Bhargav Das

Ishaan Karkare

Maneesh Pellakuru

Rohan Mendonca

Sudhanshu Bhatia


This subsystem deals with the storage and delivery of power for the Electric Car. It comprises of three aspects of the car which include the Motors, the Motor Controllers and the Accumulator Pack. The Accumulator Pack is designed considering the energy and power requirements of the motors. The design has to be optimised considering the safety, mass and performance of the battery pack. The Motors are responsible for converting electrical energy into rotational mechanical energy and transmitting it to the wheels via the drive-train. The Motor Controllers regulates the supply from the Accumulator Pack to the Motors so that the car behaves according to the driver's inputs. 


Parth Shingte (Subsystem Head)

Abhishek Shankar

Kushagra Singh

Rhik Banerjee

Tejeshwara M.

This subsytem works on four different aspects of the Electric Car, which includes Data Acquisition System, Accumulator Management System, the Vehicle Control Unit, and the Shutdown Circuit. Data Aquisition System senses and logs various parameters of the car for design validation, and also sends this data to the Vehicle Control Unit which is required for proper functioning of the car and driver training.The Vehicle Control Unit is responsible for distributing the requested driver torque to the single motor based on the dynamic conditions of the car. The Accumulator Management System ensures the whether the cells of the accumulator pack are in proper operating conditions. Shutdown Circuit disconnects the accumulator from the motor controller, when it detects a fault, including mechanical faults


Abhay H

Adwit Amal Shah

Aniruddh Ande

Mahic Shah

Mayank Jain

Sanskar Chandaliya


Krishnapal Jadeja (Subsystem Head)

Hassan Mohd Esa Lashkari

Bratish Saha

M Laxmen

Parth Behede

Arnav Dabak


This subsystem focuses on designing a driverless Formula Student car while dwelling deep into the world of autonomous systems. Being one of the newer additions to the Formula Manipal family and one of the few budding teams in India of its kind it deals with four important subsystems - Perception, SLAM, Path Planning and Controls.


Ameya Phadnis (Subsystem Head)

Paramjit Baweja

Abhigna Mincheri

Ananya Gupta 


Metta Venkata Srujan

Raj Shah

Shivank Sinha

Tejaswini Gurumoorthy

Yash Bijalwan

Yashaswi Aryan

This subsystem deals with Finance and Logistics, Media and Public Relations and Sponsorships for the Technical teams. Periodic updation of transcations, managing accounts and important paperwork and coordinating with the technical teams on logistics builds the base of Finance and Logistics. Media and Public Relations hugely focuses on Web developement, Graphic design and managing Social media outlets. Sponsorship deals with bringing an inflow of monetary and in-kind help that the team needs.


Nishanth Shetty (Subsystem Head)

Arjun Aravind 

Muskan Budhraja 

Siddhant Singh

Yashvardhan Singh