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  • We the team of Formula Manipal have initiated this crowdfunding to tackle the dire situations faced by our country.

  • We want to support all those in need through the most basic assistance that we can provide.

  • Swasth is a non-profit alliance of healthcare providers working with public and private health systems to coordinate their resources and responses to COVID-19.

  • Since Swasth Alliance and ACT grants are looking to procure 50,000 Oxygen Concentrators (OCs) and other medical supplies to aid the fight against COVID19, we at Formula Manipal aim to raise funds for this using ImpactGuru (a crowdfunding platform).

  • In order to help, all you need to do is donate to this noble cause. The amount of the donation is completely up to you, but we do urge you to make a contribution. Any donation would be greatly appreciated as it could be the answer to someone’s prayer to save a loved one's life. 

  • If you wish to make a donation, kindly follow the steps below. Ensure to click on the link relating to your preferred payment method. The payment can be made anonymously, if you prefer not to disclose your details.

₹85,980 Raised of ₹5,00,000 

56 donors


 Kindly Note:

  • Donations via Yes Bank UPI and Account Transfers are safe with ImpactGuru.

  • Claim your donation acknowledgment now if you donated through UPI/PayTM or Account Transfers if you wish to not remain anonymous using ImpactGuru.

  • Indian Tax Benefits are available to donors.

  • All donations received will be going directly to Swasth Foundation and Formula Manipal will in no way make any profit from the proceedings. 



  • Akshat S - ₹5,000

  • Maneesh - ₹4,750

  • Chandrika B - ₹3,000

  • Rahul S - ₹3,000

  • Chandrika B - ₹3,000

  • Nishanth S - ₹2,250

  • Abhilash A - ₹2099

  • Dayananda P - ₹2,000

  • Nainesh P - ₹2,000

  • Somashekara B - ₹2,000

  • Shubham R - ₹1,500

  • Sameer - ₹1,250

  • Arindam B - ₹1000

  • Meehan - ₹1,000

  • Vishesh - ₹1,000

  • Allen T - ₹800

  • Aniruddh A - ₹700

  • Prathyush P - ₹650

  • Abhinandan C - ₹600

  • Ritik P - ₹250

  • Siva R - ₹237

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